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At Indivizo Canada Corporation we are devoted to respecting your right to privacy and protecting your personal data.


The Privacy Policy (“Policy”), together with the General Terms and Conditions describe how we control the personal data provided by you as a potential employer (client) or as an applicant. Please read the following information carefully so that we can give you a detailed picture about our privacy policy and the way we treat your personal data.


The website, available at  (“Website”) and the application, available at (“Application”, or “Service”) maintained by Indivizo aim to provide information and services to job seekers (“Applicants”), who are able to upload data to the Indivizo database during the registration process, able to provide further data during the application process and who can take part in video interviews. It also provides information and services to employers, who participate in, and manage the recruitment process with the help of the Application. During registration, we request personal data such as name, email address, telephone number or company data such as company name, registered seat, tax number, sector (optional) and number of employees (also optional). The preferred language used during the recruitment process is a necessary setting for the operation of the Application. Apart from the provision of our Service, we control personal and company data with the aim to use them for direct marketing purposes. Apart from the data provided by Applicants and the companies managing recruitment processes (“Client(s)”, or “Potential employer(s)” we also control personal data provided by people requesting a demo of our service or subscribing to our newsletters. ( “Applicant(s)” and “Client(s)” are commonly referred to as “User(s)”)


Based on Digital Privacy Act, 2015 on the right of informational self-determination and on freedom of information (“Privacy Act”) Data Controllers are: a) the companies that manage the recruitment processes and obtain personal data from the Applicants (i.e. our Clients) with respect to all types of service packages, b) Indivizo in relation to all data uploaded with respect to the freemium package; c) Indivizo in relation to the data uploaded during the registration process with respect to premium packages.


Data provided by our Clients during the registration process: company name, name, email address and phone number of the contact person, registered seat of the company, tax number, sector (optional) and number of employees (optional).


Data provided by the Applicants during the registration process: name, email address, photo, mobile phone number .


Indivizo is considered as a data processor related to all personal data collected by our Clients, the data of Applicants recorded and stored in the Application apart from the data collected by us during the registration process (name, email address, photo and mobile phone number) with respect to all premium packages.


The subcontractors of Indivizo indicated below are also considered as data processors.


Legal basis of data control

Control of the data provided electronically via our Application is based on the voluntary consent of the colleagues of our Clients having access to our Service and the voluntary consent of the Applicants (together hereinafter referred to as “Users”). In certain cases data control is based on obligations prescribed by law.


The statement of consent of minors under the age of 18 and the statement of consent of Users who are legally incapable are given by their legal representatives. Minors under the age of 18 and Users whose legal capacity is limited are not allowed to give permission for data control without the prior consent of their legal representatives or their subsequent approval. The statement of consent of minors over the age of 18 shall be considered valid without the valid permission or subsequent approval of their legal representative. Indivizo is not able to validate the content of the statement given by the representative, and Indivizo cannot check whether the representative is legally entitled to give permission, therefore the User (or his legal representative) shall warrant that the consent given meet the requirements. If the Services of Indivizo Canada Corporation are used it is implied that proper consent is given by the legal representative.


Any of Indivizo’s Services is used on a voluntary basis. Personal data is collected only if you wish to use our Service. If you do not agree with the content of the present Privacy Policy or that of the General Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use, please do not provide any personal data, leave this page and stop using the Service.


Certain services of Indivizo can only be used by registered users. Part of the personal data provided by the user during the registration process is necessary for the registration, however the provision of some other data is optional. The data controlled by us may vary depending on the type of Service.


By using the services of Indivizo (Application and Website) or by completing the registration you explicitly state that you agree with our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use or General Terms and Conditions.


We are devoted to protecting the personal data of our Users, therefore our data control practice abides by the relevant laws in force, while protecting and respecting the private spheres of Users.


What information do we collect?

We as data controllers collect and control the following data:


Information that you as an Applicant provide in the Application when creating your profile: name, email address, photo, mobile phone number.

Information that you as a Client provide on the Website during registration: name, email address, telephone number, company name, registered seat, tax number, sector (optional), number of employees (optional)

We might ask you to provide further information in order to correct errors occurring on the website. Emails related to errors and error corrections might be stored for further reference.

Information related to the use of our Application (including, but not limited to, traffic data of the website, geographical data, weblogs and other communication data), information on the sites visited, general software data.

Unanimous data provided in the questionnaires in certain researches conducted by us. Such data is collected for research purposes only and of course providing the data and answering the questions in the questionnaire are absolutely voluntary.

In the freemium package: all data provided by filling in the registration form, all attached files, all answers to the video interview questions with the exception of data provided by Applicants shortlisted as “shoo-in”.


Your potential employer might collect the following information during the recruitment process while using our service:


Information that you provide by filling in the registration form, the content of the files you attach to the registration form or send us via email; the information you share with us through the Application by participating in a video interview (including the video file itself) or in a serious game based competency measurement (gamer profile) . The information collected and processed might include sensitive personal data. The user is responsible for the validity and authenticity of the personal data provided.

Cookies and the use of your browser’s local storage

Without going into technical details, we would like to outline the meaning of two important concepts.


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website you visit and stored in your web browser. Every time you visit that website again, the browser sends the cookie back to the server. This is the way most websites are informed that you are logged in. For more details we recommend this Wikipedia article.


The local storage, although its aims is similar to that of cookies, is a more modern tool to store the necessary information for the operation of a website in your browser. An important difference is that your browser does not send the data stored in the local storage to the server of the website you are using, but an application of the website running in your browser has access to the data. For more details we recommend this Wikipedia article.


For analytical purposes our Website and Application (with the help of our data processors) use cookies, which help to analyze users’ web browsing habits. For more information on our data processing partners see the chapter of Data Processing.


We might collect information (if available) related to your computer or device in order to develop the administration of our system and our services, including the following information: IP address, type of your operating system and web browser, the resolution of your screen, the visible size of your browser etc. You can disable cookies in your browser's settings. If you decide to do so, you might not be able to reach all the functions of our Application or Website.


Our Application uses the local storage technology to identify you and to speed up the operation of the Application. For example your levels of access, the list of recruitment processes related to you, your name, your photo, certain settings of yours (etc.) are stored in the local storage, so that they can be accessed by the Application as quickly as possible. This batch of information (except for your name and photo) does not contain data that can be processed by third parties, for example the recruitment processes are stored without their names.


Where do we store your personal data?

The data we request from you, including your sensitive personal data, is stored at external destinations that might be outside the territory of your home country. We take every necessary measure in order to secure data, in line with our Privacy Policy.


All information provided by you is stored on safe servers. If you use a password (either generated by us or given by you) to access the Application, you are responsible for the safekeeping of the password. Please do not share your password with anyone. Passwords are secured with one of the most modern algorithms.


Use of information

We use the information you provide for the following purposes:


to create a user account for you;

to provide customer service and technical support;

to send a text message informing you about the email we previously sent to you containing information on the recruitment process;

to make the different functions of our Service available;

to make statistics and analyses related to the use of our Application;

to send you information, direct marketing letters, to promote our services;

to inform you about changes related to our services.

to provide Applicants with information related to job ads (freemium packages only)

Duration of data control

The control of the personal data provided by you starts with the registration and lasts until the data is deleted. The control of data, the provision of which is optional starts from the date of provision and lasts until the data is deleted. The Potential Employer determines the duration of control related to the data collected from the Applicant. For more information on the duration determined by your Potential Employer, please read the information on data control at the beginning of the registration process, which gives you details about the privacy policy of your Potential Employer.


The control of our Client’s company data (provided by the Client when filling in the registration form) starts with the conclusion of the contract and lasts until the contract is valid between us and the Client (until the account of the Client is deleted). The personal data provided by our Clients (name, email address, photo) is stored until the account of the Client is deleted with the termination of the contract. The name and email address of our Clients are stored for marketing purposes (e.g. sending newsletter) for 3 years from the termination of the contract.


Transfer of your personal data

The details of access to the Application are contained in the General Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use. If you as an Applicant fill in an application form (following registration) or record a video interview with the use of our Application, we make all the uploaded data and the attached documents, together with the recorded video interview available to your Potential Employer.


We are entitled to transfer your personal data to third parties in the following cases:


To your Potential Employer with your consent given during the registration process;

If we are obliged by law in an official procedure, we have to follow the regulations of the General Terms and Conditions or the Terms of Use, or we have to protect the rights, the property or security of Indivizo Clients or other third parties.

Data control by your Employer / Potential Employer

We provide services to your Employer and your Potential Employer depending on whether you are an assessor in the recruitment process or an Applicant to a job vacancy.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that your Employer or Potential Employer might have its own privacy policy. We at Indivizo take all the necessary steps to keep your data safe and to store it in compliance with the Privacy Policy, however, we cannot be held responsible for any malpractice by your Employer / Potential Employer. Should you have any questions about how your personal data (including your sensitive personal data) is controlled, do not hesitate to contact your Employer / Potential Employer for further information.


Data processing

Indivizo co-operates with data processors in order to maintain and continuously develop the Application and Website, and to serve its Users. Data processors perform the processing activities in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.


During the management and maintenance of the Application and Website we co-operate with the following data processors:


Nutshell — client management;

Mixpanel — analytics, analyzing user habits, marketing automation;

MailChimp — sending newsletters;

Zendesk — support.

Gravitalent - online competency games (optional service)

Access to personal data

As defined in the Privacy Act, you have access to your personal data or you may request deletion of your data. For further information please contact your Employer / Potential Employer or us at


Legal remedy

You are entitled to request information on the data processing carried out by us at the email address


You may request


information on how your personal data is processed,

correction of your personal data, or

with the exception of obligatory data process, you also may request deletion or blocking of your personal data.

We provide information in writing as soon as possible, and within a maximum of 30 days from submission of the respective request.


You may seek legal remedy by lodging a complaint to the Digital Privacy Act  or by turning to the competent court pursuant to the provisions set forth in the The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


Modification of the Privacy Policy

Indivizo is entitled to unilaterally modify this Privacy Policy. The current version of our Privacy Policy is available on our Website.


Contact us

Should you have any questions related to our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to email us at


If you have questions or complaints regarding your personal data processed by us or the Privacy Policy, please contact us at the following address or phone number.


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Data Protection Registry Number: NAIH-77318/2014.; NAIH-77358/2014.; NAIH-77359/2014.; NAIH-77360/2014.

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